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Experience the Runner's High Without the Run

There's a special feeling out there known as the runner's high — a mix of joy and peace that hits you right when you hit that workout stride. But what if we said you could get a taste of this chill vibe without the sweaty clothes and tired feet? Let's talk about CBD drink powders and flavored water packets!

A Deep Dive into the Runner's High

Runner's high is like a bubble of happiness. It's when pain turns to joy. For a long time, they thought this was because of endorphins, our body's way of killing pain. New studies don’t contradict the old ones, but now they say endocannabinoids do a lot of the heavy lifting!

The ECS, or endocannabinoid system, is literally built to get us high in various ways. It’s a system made to process cannabis molecules, and it just might be the real reason for this happy feeling! And that brings us to CBD, a type of cannabinoid that’s a lot like THC, but doesn’t get you high — but still packs a powerful relaxing punch!

CBD Drink Powders: A Shortcut to Runner's High

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in cannabis. But unlike its cousin THC, it won’t make you feel 'high.' Instead, it helps you relax and kick stress to the curb!

You’ve probably seen CBD come in many forms like:

  • oils

  • gummies

  • capsules, and

  • powdered CBD drink mixes!

And people are really starting to love those electrolyte drink mixes! These powders, full of chill vibes from CBD, can be easily mixed into water or any other drink. This makes it a sneaky, simple, and delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD! And the best part?

Word on the street is that drinking these CBD powders encourages a sense of calm that's a lot like a runner's high. So, after a tough workout, or a long day at work, a CBD-infused drink could be your key to chilling out!

Flowerade: New Best Friends?

CBD can help you relax, but it has a natural flavor that's a bit earthy and might not be everyone's cup of tea — and that’s why we made Flowerade!

Flowerade is easy to add to water, dissolves totally, and works fast — sometimes within 15 minutes! Turn your plain water into a tasty hydration drink that blows sugar-filled artificially flavored drinks like Alligator-ade out of the water! Just mix your Flowerade electrolyte drink mix into water and you've got a chill-out drink that helps you relax and tastes amazing! Grab some today and take 20% off with BUZZ20!


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