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Natural CBD Drink Mixes for Whole-Body Wellness!


Flowerade CBD drink mixes are made to bring out your best from the first sip! Each of our refreshing flavors is made with all-natural ingredients, including nano CBD, organic herbs, and delicious honey! 


When we set out to create Flowerade, we wanted to start from the basics and build something truly special, all-natural, and delicious. To achieve our goal of creating the most flavorful, most hydrating CBD drink mix on the market, we started with a broad mineral profile. Every sip of Flowerade has 4x the amount of beneficial electrolytes and minerals as the leading sports drink to give your body the hydration boost it needs!


Every flavor in Flowerade comes straight from Mother Earth, from the heavenly hibiscus flower to the lavender, lemon, and honey, everything in Flowerade is sourced from nature to bring the good vibes — naturally!


All of our nutrient-boosted, super-hydrating CBD drink powders are ready to mix when you’re ready to relax, and with no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors. Flowerade is the natural choice for that calm, cool “runner’s high” energy you know and love!


Each packet of Flowerade has 20mg of ultra-fast-acting nano CBD plus vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants to help you feel closer to nature with every glass! Grab a packet of Hibiscus Haze Tea, Lavender Kush Lemonade, or Sweet Leaf and find your new favorite drink today! 



Flowerade is a proud supporter of your best health!

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