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It’s Easy Like Sunday Morning

Flowerade makes it easy to take it easy!

If we’re all being honest, there are four real days in every work week. Of course, we show up to work on Tuesday and Thursday, but they’re basically filler days that get us through to the important ones. If you know the secret, though, you can make any day feel like a Sunday!

Before we spill the tea, here’s each of the “real” weekdays, ranked from worst to best.


I don’t know about you, but I handle every Monday with the patented “Nike method” and just do it. Monday comes every week, and there’s no way around it. As the lowest-tier day of the week, it’s got nothing but mid vibes and we aren’t here for it.


Wednesday is a far cry from Monday, because good vibes come rolling in on Hump Day no matter what. You’re halfway through the week and headed for Friday, and you’d be there already if it weren’t for that meddling Thursday and it’s stupid dog. Sorry Scooby.


Friday comes around and it’s nothing but good vibes and anticipation. Every single good weekend in history has come after a Friday, and it’s got major party energy. Definitely one of the top-tier days of the week.


And we’ve finally made it to Sunday! Everyone loves it for different reasons, but we can all agree that Sunday vibes are immaculate. Sunday is so lit, that back in 1977 they made a song about it that’s still a hit to this day. Take that, Thursday! Friday might be the start of the party, but Sunday is recovery day, made for chilling and decompressing before M-day.

So what’s the secret to a Sunday vibe at any time? The answer is just a sip away! Every packet of Flowerade is packed with 20mg of fast-acting nano CBD plus vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants so you can enjoy that Sunday feeling no matter what day it is. Keep a little Sunday in your pocket with a free sample packet of Flowerade by clicking here today!


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