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Relaxation Drink: Discover the Natural Calm of Flowerade

Relaxation drinks help you find your calm

Uncover the serene calm presented by Flowerade, a unique hydration drink carefully crafted for those with an active lifestyle. Enriched with all-natural ingredients, this refreshing beverage leaves no room for added sugar. Instead, it's a delightful blend of CBD or THC drink mix and all-natural herbs, designed to provide a boost of positivity as you embark on your daily activities!

Essential Mix for Hydration and Good Vibes

Flowerade is a unique mix of nutrients vital for your body's hydration. Packing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes, Flowerade supplements your natural wellness! With the addition of CBD or THC that amplifies the usual sport drink into an efficient hydration tool suitable for the most active enthusiasts.

Buzz Powder: Make Edibles out of Anything!

While Flowerade quenches your thirst, Buzz Powder serves up a different vibe. This organic honey powder comes with 2.5mg of THC or CBD infused per scoop. Not only is it a perfect fit for virtually any occasion, but it also turns any food into an instant edible! Better yet, it begins working quickly, packing quite a punch!

Whether you're seeking a natural hydration drink with the plus of CBD and THC or an all-organic honey powder to spruce up your food, Flowerade and Buzz Powder are here to bring a sweet buzz to your day!


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