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The Truth About CBD and Drug Tests

Can you fail a drug test for CBD?

You just took a long sip of Flowerade, and you’re feeling the good vibes. Then you start to wonder… Is this going to come back and bite me if my employer gives me a surprise drug test? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most CBD users have had this question, and for a good reason!

Once you experience the elevation that CBD can bring, you naturally start to question how it could fly under the radar for so long. Even though it’s one of the best ways to relax (and they come from the same plant) CBD doesn’t give you the same psychoactive effects responsible for the "high" associated with THC.

So, can you fail a drug test for using CBD, even though it doesn’t produce the same effects as THC?

CBD and THC are radically different when it comes to drug testing, because drug tests don’t actually test for drugs. Believe it or not, they test for leftovers! Here’s the scoop: anything taken in by your body is metabolized, or processed into a usable form. This goes for everything from food to THC and CBD. They all get processed by your body, and the leftovers are called metabolites!

Since cannabis drug tests are designed to detect the presence of drug metabolites from THC and not CBD, most drug tests shouldn’t be able to detect the small amounts of CBD that might be present in your body after enjoying a delicious CBD drink like Flowerade!

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