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Buzz Powder | VIBE D9 THC | 200mg

Experience balanced relaxation and euphoria with Buzz Powder, a nano THC infused honey powder that really brings on the buzz!


Each bag of Buzz Powder Vibe Delta-9 contains a precisely measured 2.5mg scoop, so you get the perfect dose, every time! Buzz Powder is made from organic honey powder and 100% hemp-derived nano Delta-9 THC, with no added colors, flavors, or sugar—just the pure, natural goodness of honey plus all the benefits of fast-acting nano THC!


It's easy to catch a buzz with Buzz Powder! 

  • Add some good vibes to your morning tea or coffee!
  • Sprinkle on toast or oatmeal for a naturally sweet (and relaxing) treat!
  • Mix into your cookies, cakes, or muffins before baking!
  • The possibilities are endless! 

Buzz Powder | VIBE D9 THC | 200mg

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  • Organic Honey Powder, Hemp Distillate, MCT Oil (Coconuts), Modified Starch. 


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