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V is for Vital: Vitamins

Be the best you can be with vitamins C and E!

Vitamins are Vital Flowerade
Vitamins Flowerade

For thousands of years, adventurers have cut through jungles, crossed oceans, and climbed mountains in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Allegedly the key to eternal life, you can imagine how hard they searched! Thankfully you don’t have to trek through the jungle, because nature has been providing us with something even better all along—vitamins!

Vitamins are vital to the vibe and are powerful antioxidants. They are always on the hunt for rogue cells that can cause damage to your body. That’s the secret to their “fountain of youth” effects — these antioxidants are always hunting down nasty free-radicals to help you feel young, bright, and fresh!

Delicious, all-natural Flowerade is packed with vitamin C and E along with minerals like Magnesium and Calcium to help you be the best you can be! While the vitamins and minerals restore your body, 20mg of CBD soothes the senses and helps you find peace in a stressful world.

Refresh and replenish with Flowerade!


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