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Power of the Flower

WARNING: drinking Flowerade may cause good vibes!

Power of the Flower Flowerade
Power of the Flower

When the afternoon haze hits, there’s nothing like a soothing CBD

recovery drink packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants

and electrolytes to keep you moving through your day!

At Flowerade, we set out to craft the world’s most delicious, natural CBD drink mix, and we succeeded. First, we ditched everything artificial and went straight to the source: Mother Nature. We hand-picked some of the most powerful flowers and herbs, combined them with sweet honey, and added the relaxing benefits of CBD. Bringing you a truly tasty and wholesome beverage.

The special blend of CBD, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals work to rejuvenate your endocannabinoid system — your body’s built-in regulator of emotions, stress, and sleep — and help balance your mental and physical health so you can feel young and healthy with each coming day!

With each sip of Flowerade, the unique herbal blend helps eliminate stress from your body and mind, while 20 milligrams of ultra-fast-acting nano particle CBD lifts the weight off your shoulders, helping you catch an easy vibe. Not to mention, you’re getting 400% more electrolytes than your average sports drink, with none of the added sugars or artificial garbage!

Flowerade drink mix comes in three powerful, herbal flavors - Hibiscus Haze Tea, Lavender Kush Lemonade, and Sweet Leaf - each available in multi-serving jars to keep in your kitchen cabinet, or convenient, single, on-the-go packs, so you can chill out and feel refreshed anywhere, any time.

Everything in Flowerade is sourced from nature giving you the all-natural relaxation

and hydration you deserve, from your first sip to the very last drop!


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