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Outdoor Living and Flowerade: A Match Made in Nature!

Nature's medicine cabinet: the benefits of CBD and outdoor living!

Whether you're hitting the trails for a long hike or chillin’ by the pool on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like the great outdoors. And while it’s true that nature seems to overflow with positivity that always puts a smile on our face, all that sun and sand won’t do a thing for you if your body is too dry to soak up the sunny vibes!

Being outdoors at any time can dehydrate you, even if it’s cold out! Since thirst is the first sign of oncoming dehydration, it’s important to replenish more than just water if you want to get ahead of that fluid loss, because being dehydrated can actually cause a downward spiral where a lack of water causes you to lose even more electrolytes!

So, you come home from your fun in the sun and drink plain water to compensate, you might actually end up hurting more! Studies show that hydrating with plain water after strenuous activity like a workout or hike can actually cause muscles to cramp up, but they also found that there’s one thing you can do to prevent it — add some electrolytes to the mix!

When you’re basking in nature’s beauty, there’s one drink you can enjoy that’s guaranteed to taste better than plain water and enhance any vibe, anywhere. Flavored by nature and sweetened with honey powder, Flowerade’s packed with good vibes that you can feel good about enjoying! Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants plus 20mg of fast-acting nano CBD sweep you away into a world of health and relaxation, making Flowerade the perfect drink for anyone who loves spending time outdoors and staying hydrated, healthy, and active!

Grab a Hibiscus Haze Tea, Lavender Kush Lemonade, or Sweet Leaf and discover your new favorite flavor today!

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