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Is This the Tastiest Hangover Helper?

It’s definitely the most convenient!

Forget about the bar tab, you’re paying the real price this morning! That stomach turning, head pounding, dry feeling is a well-known side-effect of hitting the bottle too hard. Whether you meant to go full-throttle or you accidentally went past your limit, you’re in desperate need of releaf!

Before we learn about the tastiest hangover cure known to man, we should find out why — namely, why do hangovers suck so much? Blame it on the Goose, because it all comes down to dehydration.

Even in small amounts, alcohol can steal water directly from your cells, and it causes you to flush water from your system every time you relieve yourself. This combination of dehydration and diuretic effects leads to massive water loss when you drink alcohol. So how do you fix it? Well…

We’ve all heard of crazy hangover cures, from drinking raw eggs to simply drinking more alcohol. For hundreds of years, people have taken more of the drink that hurt them, also known as the “hair of the dog” method. While you may get relief when the alcohol kicks in, more alcohol won’t fix your dehydration…and could actually make things worse.

If dehydration is the cause, then all-natural hydration is the solution! Flowerade is jam-packed with electrolytes to help your body absorb water more efficiently. There’s no added sugar, because Flowerade’s flavored by nature with herbs and honey, with nothing artificial. Hangovers poison your mood, so each serving has 20mg of nano CBD that works fast to help you relax!

Grab a packet of Hibiscus Haze Tea, Lavender Kush Lemonade, or Sweet Leaf today, and have the tastiest hangover helper ready to beat back those horrible hangovers!

Horrible hangovers are no match for flower powered hydration!


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