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Get Into the Flow State With Flowerade

Unlock your potential, one sip at a time!

Sun setting over water.
Find your flow with Flowerade!

Do you remember coloring on the floor as a child? You had no stress, anxiety, or distractions to get in the way of your flow, making it easy to be fully involved. You didn't need money, deadlines, or external motivation. Coloring was enough, because crayons and paper were all that existed in that moment. Can you smell the Crayola and construction paper?

That pure, cool mindset is also known as Flow, or a Flow State. As an adult, achieving flow can sometimes feel like a distant dream. Even the most peaceful, easy-going people can have trouble finding that sweet spot of productivity and focus. And you can’t force it, either! Flow comes from within, meaning it's not something you can consciously do - it's a result!

CBD: Your Flow State Friend

Flow results from the perfect combination of work and relaxation, so keeping a cool head and chill vibe in the face of your work creates the perfect environment for Flow to strike, making CBD the perfect assistant to help you get into the flow!

Flowerade is packed with 20mg of fast-acting nano CBD per serving, plus vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Flowerade can help your mind function at peak performance, priming you to receive that sweet flow of energy! And speaking of sweets, Flowerade is flavored by nature and sweetened with honey — for all the flavor with none of the artificial sugars!

P.S. Ready to experience Flowerade’s flow powers for yourself? Click here to grab a free packet of our delicious Hibiscus Haze Tea, Sweet Leaf, or Lavender Kush Lemonade and see how easy it is to achieve flow state with Flowerade!


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