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Electrolyte Drinks + CBD? Yes Please!

Electrolyte drinks, please!

Electrolyte Drinks: Get More for Less!

We're always trying to get more for less. And when it comes to our hydration, it's no different! We want more water, more natural goodness, and less sugar! In the pursuit of optimal hydration, a new category of beverages has emerged. Drinks with electrolytes are formulated to replace essential minerals your body loses when you sweat, and they're not all equal!

What's in an Electrolyte Drink?

What sets these drinks apart is their unique composition. They're enriched with crucial minerals such as sodium, responsible for regulating water balance; potassium, essential for muscle activities; and magnesium, critical for nerve function. Intense physical activities or sweating can cause these vital nutrients to deplete.

How do they Impact Your Performance?

Drinking hydration beverages isn't just about quenching thirst. It's a way to replenish these key minerals, helping you maintain ideal hydration, support muscle function, and ensure proper nerve signal transmission. In essence, these drinks help your body function even after rigorous activities!

Advantages of Choosing CBD Hydration Drinks

CBD hydration drinks are about holistic nutrition, delivering the nutrients your body needs to perform at its peak. They're great for supporting an active lifestyle by maintaining top performance levels during and after workouts!

What's the Best Electrolyte Drink?

Though there's many options, most sports drinks on the shelves are loaded with junk and sugar! Natural hydration like coconut water is better, but it isn't designed for optimal relaxation and post-workout hydration. People like us need real, powerful electrolyte drinks!

Flowerade's CBD & THC-infused hydration combines all the key minerals your body craves with the added benefits of cannabis! Powerful, effective hydration paired with an enjoyable experience — now that's a lifestyle we can sip to! Take 20% off your order with BUZZ20 today!


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