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Bigger is not better

Good things come in (nano) packages...

Finish a refreshing glass of Flowerade, and suddenly you’re transported to a world where those predicaments just aren’t as problematic anymore. That’s our vitamin, mineral, and nanoparticle CBD blend doing its job to help you feel better, quicker. But how do we deliver those vibes so fast?

We all know oil and water don’t mix, but did you know that all cannabinoids are oily? Because of this, every cannabinoid naturally repels water! Straight from the plant, these molecules have a harder time giving you the relief you need, and that’s where science gives nature a little nudge!

Flowerade’s packed with nano-cbd, but what’s nano about it? Nano-encapsulated CBD molecules are wrapped in an all-natural, food-safe emulsifier that speeds up absorption in the body. In fact, some studies show that nanoparticles improve bioavailability making it up to 6 times easier for your systems to absorb!

Experience a truly refreshed and relaxed vibe with a delicious, ready-to-mix packet of Flowerade! The vitamins, electrolytes and minerals in Flowerade work hand-in-hand with herbs and nanoparticle CBD to give you what you deserve — a quick releaf!

Catch a vibe in half the time!


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